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Unleashing Impact Together: Partnering for Change

Join us in #Reweaving the future.

Building together with

Saamuhika Shakti and Enviu

Supported by H&M Foundation, Saamuhika Shakti is a collaborative project that brings together multiple organisations to solve issues faced by informal waste pickers and their families.

Our role in Saamuhika Shakti aims to provide circular green jobs for waste pickers by creating pilots and ventures. With our partners, we are establishing a Circular Textile Waste Management model to reduce the amount of textile waste in the chain by providing opportunities for waste pickers to increase their income across the value chain.

Enviu and CAIF

Enviu is currently working on validating Ventures to employ waste workers in alternative livelihood opportunities in the hotels’ laundry, logistics, and warehousing departments, creating income from textile waste.
Together with CAIF, Enviu aims to establish an integrated Circular Textile Waste Management (CTWM) model in India. Our common goal is to recover and reclaim value from (domestic) textile waste while creating green and sustained livelihoods for the informal waste pickers.

Bangladesh Apparel Exchange and Enviu

BAE, Stichting Enviu Nederland and Upset Holding B.V., have been in successful collaboration over the past 1.5 year to build a sustainable and circular textile value chain in Bangladesh, by creating a compliant and transparent system for textile waste management.

Enviu and Fashion For Good