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How Simple Tool Can Boost Textile Recycling
Enviu At BharatTex
Leading the Circularity Dialogue - Enviu Showcasing At BharatTex
Bridging Borders: Lessons from Enviu’s Venture Builder Exchange Program
IKEA Foundation shares the story of an evolving partnership with Enviu
Insights On Women Entrepreneurship, And ANDE Collaboration With Gigi Mathews
Chapter 5: The problems in the bigger system.
Chapter 4: Recycling, upcycling or downcycling: What can we do with post-consumer textiles?
Chapter 3: Challenges of fragmented textile waste sorting In India.
Chapter 2: How is textile waste collected?
Chapter 1: What does post-consumer textile waste in India look like?
image-Paul Jeurissen
30 lessons learned about post-consumer textile waste in India
Puraloop: A pioneering solution towards a zero discharge textile & leather sector
Enviu with GIZ and Concordia Textiles is putting waste to work.
Fair Work and Circular Textile Production: The Khaloom Approach
Rejuvenating fabric & the future of sustainable fashion – a conversation with Pals Brust, Co-founder & CEO UPSET Textiles
We’ve teamed up with Solidaridad to restore value to degraded land with a sea buckthorn value chain
red thread, cotton thread, needle-5548304.jpg
SUSCLO aims to drive the material revolution
ai generated, clothes, garbage-8394490.jpg
Innovating for a Sustainable Fashion Future: Pals Brust’s Perspective
How a top-down approach sustains impact for waste workers
Introducing Reweave: Why change is needed and what we are doing about it.
Khaloom- Enviu
Discovering Challenges Of The Handloom Industry With Khaloom's Director
Rethinking Textile Value Chain: A Conversation with Tanushri.
Meet Kasthuri, one of the weavers at our company Khaloom
Introducing Reweave: Why change is needed and what we are doing about it.