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Building World Changing Companies

Impact driven. Disruptive. Game-changers​

Our Ventures

The Good Felt

Transforming poor-quality and post-consumer textile waste into premium felt products which can be used for interior design, carpeting, and acoustic systems and fashion and lifestyle.


Collecting and managing linens for hotels, that includes everything from assessing the textile needs to acquiring best-in-class recycled textiles and taking care of their upkeep, transportation, replacement and recycling.


An advanced sorting centre that sources textile waste from brands and manufacturers, sorts it based on the needs of solution providers, and connects the textile waste with relevant solution providers.

We believe in big changes. We identify and address challenges across the textile value chain. By partnering with various stakeholders in the system, we build scalable, profitable ventures that address challenges in circularity in the textile industry. Rooted in the belief of utilizing existing strengths while introducing innovative solutions where needed, our ventures are catalysts change. Welcome to a new era of problem-solving!

Lean Methodology at Enviu

Build- Measure- Learn Loop

Learn as fast as possible, spending as little time and money as possible.​

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate social and sustainable ventures that not only endure but thrive. We carefully build markets, strengthening not only our own ideas but also helping others become more resilient.

With a focus on scalability, we design and build with precision, envisioning the emergence of world-changing social multinationals. Our commitment to a lean methodology ensures efficiency in every step, optimizing resources and minimizing waste. By embracing this approach, we pave the way for impactful, sustainable market development that echoes our dedication to creating positive global change.

We believe in this way of working because it helps us create markets that make a positive difference in the world. In a world where every little thing matters, our lean methodology is like our guide. It helps us move through new and sometimes challenging areas, where we mix new ideas with a clear purpose. This way, making markets doesn't just help us; it becomes a strong force for making the world a better place.

Programmatic Approach

Closing the Loop on Textile Waste

An integrated Textiles Waste Management model that recovers and reclaims value from waste while creating green and sustained livelihoods for the underserved.

Our Past Ventures


At Khaloom, post-production and clothing waste is a source of material. Hand weaving, a process rooted in Indian culture, is used to transform recycled yarn into high-quality fabrics.


Puraloop is a circular innovation that converts hazardous sludge into energy using advanced microwave pyrolysis technology