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Towards a responsible linen and laundry management.

Our Story

Hotels and resorts are famous for their super clean sheets and towels. Even a small stain or a worn-out towel can lead to bad reviews and harm their reputation. So, hotels usually throw away linens when they look a little old. But this adds a lot to the textile waste issue. The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to environmental waste. It generates a staggering 1,000,000 kilograms of linen waste yearly, mostly ending in landfills. Under our “Close the Loop” program in India, we pilot an innovative recovery ecosystem for linen management and transform discarded linens into new fibre.

The Linen Project is a venture determined to divert at least 1 million kilograms of textile waste generated by hotels, significantly reducing the industry’s environmental footprint. Our approach goes beyond ecological impact—it also directly improves the livelihoods of waste workers, providing them with dignified and better job opportunities.
The venture is currently in the pilot and validation phase. During this phase, we partner with hotels that want to take a conscious step and move to sustainable practices in managing their linens. The linens are sorted, managed and collected at the end of life to, be handled responsibly, paving the way for a closed-loop process emphasising resource conservation and regeneration.

The next phase will be a rental model solution, which ensures linens are handled sustainably, maximising their lifespan. By adopting this sustainable approach, hotels minimise waste and contribute to a more responsible linen management system.

Linen Project has partnered with renowned hotel chains in Bengaluru and Chennai, joining us in our commitment to sustainability. We are currently working with The Hilton, ibis Chennai City Centre, The Holiday Inn, and more.
We are supported by the H&M Foundation and IKEA Foundation. Our implementation partners, CAIF (Circular Apparel Innovation Factory) are working together on the ground. If you are interested in collaborating with us, have any queries, or want to know more about our project, please get in touch with us at We would love to hear from you and explore the possibilities of working together.  

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