Khaloom is a circular and socially fair fabric supplier serving the global apparel industry, based in South India (Bangalore). Khaloom proves that high quality fabrics can be produced in an environmental friendly manner. By making use of recycled and organic yarns, we significantly reduce the demand for pesticides and fresh water. Since Khaloom works with hand-looms a CO2 neutral production manner. Khaloom takes good care of their weavers with fair wages, and fixed contracts.


Founded by a team of experienced c-level managers in the retail- and fashion industry, and social business development in India, UPSET is set up for success. We are starting at the heart of the textile industry: India, world’s second largest producer of textile products and cotton. Bringing with us a groundbreaking recycling technology that rejuvenates cotton waste into 100% recycled cotton yarns for a similar price as virgin cotton.

Clothes The Circle

Clothes the Circle is a consortium of ambitious players in the global apparel industry, varying from textile waste collectors, recyclers to retail and fashion experts. Clothes The Cirle has the goal to realize a 100% circular and socially fair textiles value chain, by investing in collaboration, awareness raising, knowledge development and stakeholder management.

Leather Matters

Leather Matters aims to create a circular leather sector by 2040. By building ventures with sustainable business models that tackle the biggest issues in the sector, the Leather Matters Program will be a game changer in the sector. Currently we are developing business models for cultured leather, circular leather and an accelerator to replicate existing innovations to the leather sector in India.


In 2017 Enviu bundled its portfolio to create an impact investment vehicle. This unique impact investment holding company co-invests in Enviu’s portfolio companies and sources impact investment opportunities worldwide. The holding company was recently admitted to the Social Stock Exchange (part of NEXT exchange). This is a first step towards the ambition to list the investment vehicle on a public exchange to offer improved liquidity for investors and democratize impact investing.