Reweaving the fashion sector

The fashion sector is trapped in a linear system of take-make-waste. This results in huge amounts of waste and the destruction of valuable materials.

  • Every second the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of apparel waste is landfilled or burned.
  • Almost 25% of all chemicals used worldwide, are used in the fashion sector.
  • It’s the world’s second biggest polluter of clean water.
  • Finite resources such as fossil fuels are used on a large scale.
  • In the end, only 1% of the materials is recycled and the majority ends up in landfills.

There is an urgent need to transition from a linear to a circular fashion economy, in which regenerative inputs are used, the true value of materials is captured, resources continue to circulate and, waste is phased out.

What we are doing about it

We believe that building and scaling circular models is the solution to the growing amount of textile waste. Therefore, our focus is on building disruptive ventures with sustainable, circular manufacturing processes or, that create value from textile waste streams. These ventures serve to influence and inspire market participants driving innovation and establishing a new normal. To build these ventures, we:

  • Identify the root of an issue, discovering leverage points & opportunities for change
  • Scout and ideate business models, with system-changing circular innovations
  • Develop business models. We build and scale impact-driven solutions, together with partners (technology providers, local partners, corporates)
  • Influence and inspire key actors such as corporates and governments by using our proven circular models to show what is possible.
  • Make circular and zero-waste solutions available and open to mainstream adoption by consumers and companies.

Reweave is a program by Enviu. Enviu builds world changing companies. It has the expertise, methodology and capacity to ideate, develop and grow social ventures to a commercially viable scale. The mission: an economy that serves people and planet. Enviu is headquartered in the Netherlands and has teams on the ground in Kenya, India, Chile and Indonesia. Since 2004 16 social ventures have been built.

Discover Enviu

Our Team


Enviu India Company Director
Seasoned Entrepreneur and partnership builder.


Venture Builder
Experienced entrepreneur with strong operational track record in building businesses in India and Indonesia.

Kevin Thiong'o

Venture Builder
Solid track record in business model validation & financial modelling.


Program Manger
Experienced textile sustainability, strategy and innovation, product management, and category management

Partha Talukder

Venture Builder
Former social enterprise COO with background in operational and financial structures


Venture Builder
Solid track record in business model validation and financial modelling

Ankie van Wersch

Enviu MD
Former director of management consultancy firm, broad experience in apparel & global value chains.