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Fair Work and Circular Textile Production: The Khaloom Approach

We are building new handlooms at Khaloom!

Khaloom is scaling up! We are installing ten more new handlooms that will be operational by the end of September, increasing in-house production capacity from 2000 meters per month to 4000 meters per month. This will let us keep up with the market demand, serve bigger industry players and create even more impact!

At Reweave, our ultimate goal is for the fair and circular business models we build to become mainstream. Creating a direct positive impact through functional business models inspires other market participants to adopt circular production methods. This is how we drive the system-level change required to create a sustainable new normal in the fashion industry. Khaloom’s growth and expansion is proof of the market potential behind its circular and fair approach to textile production!

As Khaloom scales up its production we\’re aiming to work with bigger brands and show it\’s possible to use recycled fabrics to create beautiful products. We\’re already working with 30+ boutique fashion brands and with this increased production we hope to team up with even bigger market players and keep up the push for a new normal in the fashion industry 

What is Enviu’s approach to this venture?

At Enviu we build disruptive companies that drive systemic change towards an economy that serves people and the planet.

Our starting point is a dysfunctional market or value chain, where we deliberately plan and build solutions at key levers of the system. Hence, our solution is to build new, disruptive businesses that prove a new way of doing things is possible, aiming to spark market change by lowering barriers and risks for industries to adopt change.

This also means that to maximize impact and potential for change, these businesses must be exponentially scalable, with the possibility for global or at least regional replication. 

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