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Circular & formal system for Textile Waste

Our Story

In the vast landscape of textile production, where waste often meets landfills, we're pioneering change. Our current pilot initiative spans two countries, India, Bangladesh and Kenya, focusing on establishing a fair and circular textile waste supply chain.

Our UpTex sorting centers play a pivotal role in supporting in closing the textile waste loop by collecting and turning offcut waste into valuable feedstock for rejuvenation into high-quality fibres. We connect the right feedstock to the right recycling technologies and make it a hassle-free process. In the process, we aim to establish a formal circular system to replace the existing informal textile waste disposal mechanisms.

Uptex in India: Empowering Women, Enhancing Impact

In Chennai, India, our first pilot sorting center has not only adhered to key safety protocols but has thrived with an all-female team. Providing safe, formal employment and training, the pilot employed 12 local women in 2021. As we transitioned to a larger 15,000 sq ft facility in 2022, our capacity to sort waste increased significantly, now capable of handling 300,000 to 400,000 kgs per month.

Uptex in Kenya: Transforming Offcuts into Opportunity

In Kenya we focused on building a resilient supply chain for feedstock, ensuring that recycling technologies receive traceable and quality-checked materials meeting key compliance standards. The vision involves bringing tested and proven recycling technologies onshore to the African continent and operationalizing textile-to-textile recycling locally. Currently diverting 50 tons of waste monthly from landfills for reuse and recycling, our efforts have garnered recognition from circularity-focused organizations. We are working with several reputed brands and manufacturers in Kenya. Our social fairness approach has created numerous income-generating opportunities, particularly for unemployed women and youth.

UpTex in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest garment exporter, especially in the ready-made garments (RMG) sector. The textile industry is estimated to generate around 400000 tons of waste annually. Over 65% of this waste is exported, and only 5% is recycled locally here. Together with BGMEA and other prominent industry players, we are working on building ventures with circularity and inclusivity and creating green jobs as its driving force and Uptex is one if the exaples.
We undertook the work of comprehensive exploration, engaging with stakeholders, informal actors, businesses, and manufacturers to fill the gap and understand market dynamics. Our mission aims at constructing a resilient supply chain, collecting textile waste, and employing traceable, sorted, and quality-checked feedstock compliant with key standards for recycling technologies.
Crafting sustainable business, Uptex, with inputs from BGMEA, manufacturers, and informal actors, culminating in formal partnerships through signed MoUs to initiate operations.

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